Illustrator | Designer | Painter

The art of Sander Heremans is a consistent mixture of vibrant colours, sharp cubistic inspired shapes and clever concepts. As a designer, illustrator, painter, the size of his work varies from small precise pencil drawings to monumental murals.

Always pushing the bounderies between illustration, graphic design and painting his commercial work contains graphic novels, packaging design, books, posters, cd covers, t-shirt designs, wall paintings and various artprints.

Clients include MNM, VAB, Palm, Br(ik, Montana shop Brussels, Levis, Stad Vilvoorde, Unica, Bruksellive, De Brusselse jeugdhuizen, Hello Bank!, Experiment longboards...

As a freelance illustrator he has worked for various graphic, advertising  and communication bureaus. He was a temporary worker in the following companies : Bowling Brussels, Milk and Cookies, Woutwalt, King George, Br(ik and Trendwolves.


Teacher certification in the arts, 2012-2013,
The Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) Gent

Academic Master degree in Visual Arts (Comic Design), 2011-2012,
Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design

Academic Bachelor degree in Visual Arts (Graphic Design), 2008-2011,
Sint-Lukas Brussels University College of Art and Design

Featured Exhibitions


2012 Sint-Lukas Master Exhibition, 27.06.2012
2011 Play Art Nuchelenhof, Masseik, 15.05.2011
2011 Sint-Lukas Exhibition Graphic Design, 27.06.2011
2010 Sint-Lukas Exhibition Graphic Design, 26.06.2010
2010 Zinnema, Open talent house in Brussels, 12.02.2010


2011 Cultural center Bolwerk, Vilvoorde, 20.05.2011
2011 Cultural center De Meent, Alsemberg, 01.09.2011


Monumental Murals in Public Spaces

2015 Longest wall of Vilvoorde, Bavaylei, Vilvoorde                                                            

2014 Brikwall VUB Brussels, Campus VUB , Etterbeek                                                                

2013 God of Football, Europabrug, Vilvoorde